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The Best Tool for your Poker Warmup

The following is a review of the online poker site and tool Also note this post is the first contribution by Poker in a Box coach Brian.

I’ve used this excellent tool recently and am impressed at how much it can help you with your poker warmup.

Starting off with the Youtube instructional video: It is clear, concise and shows how straightforward it is to use and setup an account with goals. It indicates the importance of using the tool before/after each day/session and to build that into a players’ routine.

Setting up:

I really liked the suggestions for what we could set as goals and achievements and that there is emphasis on putting in detailed information from our thoughts. It would be handy though to have common goals to choose from.

Adding technical aspects:

I’d really like to see more common leaks that players have. There is only one listed for NL 6max which is not defending blinds sufficiently. It’s great to see how our technical leaks change over time and as we keep looking at the leaks we are much more likely to address them on a daily and weekly basis, working to fix them.

The video section is a really good idea. It could be a record keeper for videos we want to watch in the near future, and it may encourage us to be more disciplined in watching the list of videos we have put down. Doing either some video studies (and taking notes) or doing some range / hand history work when we start our poker day is one of the best ways we can warm up and get in the right mind-set.

The timer is a really good function and is an underrated tool for poker players. I agree with keeping sessions to a reasonable length, perhaps even a bit shorter like 1 – 1.5h total. I think breaks can include doing something physical but it’s not necessary. Doing something for at least 5 minutes that takes your mind off the poker game or any emotional attachment is the important factor. Perhaps an activity like counting breaths and doing some stretching or yoga, or something like juggling or using a yo-yo are excellent.

Overall the site is very well laid out and simple to use. Every player can gain from using this site and really putting some thought into each section. Using it on a daily basis and being reminded about our goals, strategies, homework and general discipline will undoubtedly add to our success!
I would highly recommend this site to my students and any of my colleagues.

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