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Bonuses Skyrocket: Best Rakeback now on PartyPoker / BWIN

While PokerStars and 888Poker get greedy and cut their rakeback programs, on PartyPoker and BWIN the rewards are increasing. It’s now the best rakeback online. Here’s what’s happening:

My Rake Race Increases to $700

I’m adding another $200 out of my pocket for you guys to win every month that play on my affiliate deal.
Here’s the new structure for 3 winners:

  • 1st = $400
  • 2nd = $200
  • 3rd = $100

If we have 12 competitors in any given month, the $700 prize pool will pay out to 4 places. And as more players compete, I’ll continue increasing the prize pool over time.

Best rakeback: I add 10% the Standard Rakeback

As an example: if you get 20% from party, I make it 30%. That’s a 50% increase!
I add this to your standard rakeback deal with party (or the sister site BWIN). I can do this because I have a special relationship with the biggest affiliate in the industry.
It may not matter if you have an existing account.
Fill out the form below, and we’ll see what we can do.

My Players are Reporting 50 to 100% Rakeback!

The coolest thing about playing on Party/BWIN is that in addition to the rakeback, they constantly are running missions and offering redeposit and other bonuses that when stacked together can give you some insane effective rakeback percentages.
Some of our members are getting very good at “gaming” this system, so when you join, we’re more than happy to give you specific instructions on how to do it yourself.

We’re in this TOGETHER

It’s not your typical rakeback program. We’re a team. We’re all grinding together and sharing any tips we find about the software, the player pools, or the bonuses. Join us today by filling out the form below and tell Stars and 888 to go f*#k themselves. lol

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