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How to Pick the Best Poker Sites, Tables, and Seats

In this Twitch poker stream highlight, I reveal my specific techniques for picking the best poker sites, selecting the best table, and even getting the “god seat” on the fish. It begins with a viewer asking me in the stream why I don’t play higher. Let me tell you.

Why I don’t Play Higher

  • I make TONS of money in my current game.
  • There’s no fast-fold variant at the higher levels.
  • Table selecting regular tables on 888 is slow and distracting from current SNAP games.
  • Bankroll: I’m looking for 50 buy-ins for 400NL, and I’m not there yet.

Video Notes

At some point I will consider moving over to the Full Tilt 400NL Rush game (definitely not 500 zoom on Pokerstars) or skipping the 400NL level completely.

A tough hand comes up versus a fish where our QclubJ gets raised on the flop of Q 5diamond 4. We make a last second all-in check-raise, but lose the pot to the next best hand. Later in the video Mike breaks down villain’s range.

Viewer asks if we battle it out with regulars at higher stakes, and I emphasize: definitely not. It’s a bad idea to focus on playing regulars. Some people get it in their heads that they need to play better players to become better, but that’s not the best path to the top. Focus on getting in games with fish as much as you can by choosing the best poker site, tables and seat. You can do this all the way to the nosebleeds. There are always fish to be found.

Next we discuss why it’s difficult to table select at the same time that we’re playing SNAP games. It requires too much overall attention.

Then the video gets into specific techniques and factors around getting the “god seat” the seat immediately to the fish’s left.

There is nothing wrong with bum-hunting!

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