Burning Man and back to the grind

I haven’t posted for a while due to exciting life stuff beyond poker. I’ll get into that shortly, but first…

In an effort to get posting again, I’m going to take a more casual approach with this blog. It will be easier for me to write content when not strictly confined to purely strategic articles. Also hopefully you’ll find some entertainment value in my less poker-related exploits as well. This will still be a primarily poker-related blog, but even that may sometimes just be recent, interesting hands I’ve played.

My hope is also that taking a more casual approach will inspire more comments from you guys, as I know there are a lot of you quietly lurking!

…so the reason for my online absence has been that my wife and I have embarked upon a big 9-month trip. We departed in August in our ’79 Chevy Camper van and set off from Vancouver Island south to the States. We traveled through Washington and Oregon and then made our yearly stop at Burning Man. This year we once again brought our big art car that we built last year. It was a big hit, and we’ve come away from the playa with many new friends and friends of our beats (many of us are house/techno DJs).

After returning the art car safely to Pyramid Lake, a beautiful spot an hour north of Reno, we’ve headed west to the Bay Area. I’m catching up with some old friends from when I used to live here. We also took a jaunt up to Sonoma to taste some fantastic wine.

And now I’m setup again to coach and play poker. I’m dedicating my mornings to an hour or two of coaching and then a couple hours of play so that my game stays sharp, and we can fund the trip.

From here we’ll head to Yosemite next week, then Utah, Colorado, and further east. I’ll continue to mix in updates with my poker content. Eventually we’ll settle in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for January through March/April. There I’ll be putting many more hours into poker and potentially running a poker school.

All subject to change of course!

  • Luke Skywalker

    Hey Mike.

    The freedom to be able do these things is my main drive
    for becomming a better poker player. Glad to hear, that you remember to
    enjoy the benefits that your skills provide you with.

    Maybe this
    blogpost was just a not-poker-related traveldescription for you, but it
    is definately a motivator for me to become a better player.

  • Mike "fooz" Gano

    That’s encouraging to hear, Skywalker. 🙂

  • Mike "fooz" Gano

    Oh – and one certainly interesting thing that happened to me at Burning Man that I left out. I GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!!!
    I had one foot on our art car shown in the picture on the left. It has a big antenna/beacon that extends about 40 feet up in the air. Lightning struck the top, traveled through the frame and a bolt of electricity came off the side and into my chest. It knocked me back a few feet, briefly stopped my heart and blinded/deafened me. No other physical marks or effects though. I was fine after and VERY lucky. I have never felt so thankful to be alive!

    • Geras

      You better try harder to stay alive for at least next 6 months hehe. We’ve only just started and I do not want to be disappointed.

      • Mike "fooz" Gano


  • Mika Hämäläinen

    Getting struck by lightning sounds scary. Don’t do it again. =) We need and PokerTips Twitch stream.

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