He was playing nl30 with a negative winrate. -3bb/100.

After coaching, he has achieved 9bb/100 at nl30 8bb/100 at nl50.

He is now playing nl100 with a winrate of 6bb/100 over 100k hands.

The biggest difference in his game was learning about exploitative plays with showdown stats and using them to exploit players.

Learning how to apply gto thinking when having though decisions.

Building a routine around his sessions.

Studying poker with focused learning. (Focusing on a couple topics at a time)


I started playing poker in 2004. Back then I just got my first apartment and was mostly just playing for fun. Looking back I wish I had taking it more seriously as the games were really juicy. Within 6 months I was playing nl100 on full tilt with probably around 30Buyins. But I was also going to school and working at the same time so my bankroll ended up in withdraws and losses. I was studying to become a car mechanics at the time. Although I knew that being a mechanics wasn’t really what I wanted to do, I still did a 2 years course in order to be able to fix my own cars and get better using my hands. I have always had that mentality that whatever I put my mind into I could achieve. That led me to modifying my own cars for performance(changing engine etc), racing at the drag race track on the weekend and helping others build their own car toy! So I kind of stop playing online poker for a good 4-5years.

From 2005-2009 I was working as a Road side technician for CAA aka AAA in the U.S . I was mostly doing on the spot repairs on cars for people in need.(quick repairs that is). I really enjoyed helping people in need. I was also working at night for a news paper called The Montreal Gazette handling the production of the paper. Working at both places was a life killer, although it gave me time to put money aside to eventually buy a house. During those 4 years I was still playing poker but mostly with friends and family.

In 2009 I suffered a back injury that kept me from working full time. And this is where I pick up poker more seriously. I started playing again on Full tilt but mainly SNG & MTTs. I hired a coach back then that helped me build a decent roll. But since I was still working part time for CAA and had a lot of treatments for my back I wasn’t able to fully concentrate and perform playing those games.

In 2011 i met my girlfriend and bought my first house on the south shore of Montréal, It was a duplex. I had the intention of converting it into a triplex(getting rid of my basement to make an apartment). And so I did! I had never worked construction before, never did any plumbing, never worked on house electricity, but I knew that whatever I was gonna put my mind to I could achieve. I had help from friends that worked construction but I mostly build it myself. That led me to owning a property that pays for itself!

So having to worry much less about paying the mortgage, I was able to use my free time to really concentrate on doing what I always wanted to do, make a living playing poker. I always had this fantasy about being able to pay my bills and have a decent life playing poker. Who wouldn’t?? Being your own boss, having the freedom to make your own choices, no 9-5, and raining money! Perfect right? Well poker isn’t that easy! After hiring a coach and playing for 8 months straight I was up 12000$ and ready to take on higher limits. But nl200 was not kind to me. I got my soul crushed! It was really hard for me at the time to deal with those huge downswing at that limit. Of course you get those good days where you can make 1500-2000$. But eventually my confidence took a hit and so did my bankroll. With withdraws, losses and a huge confidence downswing I was left with less then half of the bankroll from where I started nl200. At that moment I thought that maybe I wasn’t gonna be able to keep making a living just by playing poker.

So I started to do repairs on small engine toys(ATV, seadoo, snowmobile). I was buying them, fixing them up and selling them back. But this wasn’t enough. I Still wanted to succeed at poker. I read The mental game of poker1-2, watched more instructional videos and was playing poker more casually.(although I was taking it seriously) I knew that something in my life had to change in order for me to be able to play my A game at all time. I got coached by Mike, who really opened my eyes as to what a professional poker player has to do in order to be successful. I was able to build a Routine around my play; I review hands from the last day I played, I study a specific subject every week that I try to improve on when playing, i play shorter sessions(2hours max) before I take a break. I now usually play 2000-3000 hands per day, usually around 50000 hands per month. I exercise every day to keep my mind sharp and I eat much better food then I used to. I also avoid distraction when playing, and if I feel a bit impatient or tilted I insta leave. To be able to quit the games when not feeling 100% is tremendous! I’m sure I’m now able to save at least 1 buy-in a week because of it!


Monday – Friday

8 am – 6 pm (Pacific time)

Some nights and weekends may be possible



Discount:  5 hour hour package for $250.

One hour/class



-Take class once per week or once two weeks

-Less frequent than this is not recommended

-You might forget the concepts learned in the previous lesson

-And from the coach’s perspective, it helps to have the student’s game fresh in his mind

Goal Setting

My goals are simple; play nl200+ and be successful at it. I now know and understand how much work and efforts it takes for me to get there. But if there’s something I learned from past experience is that whatever I put my mind to I can achieve! And so can you!


Today, I feel that If I want to continue making a living playing poker I have to make those efforts daily. I am now playing nl100. I usually play 20-30hours a week and study around 5-15 hours. I was lucky enough to start coaching for I feel like this has giving me the opportunity to start helping people again(something I love) to reach their goals. I take pride in being able to play the game I love and coach it. I put in the same efforts in trying to coach others, helping them improve their game as I do in my own game and this gives me motivation to get better everyday.

How it Works

More specifically coaching engagements include the following:

  • Preliminary discussion: goal-setting, building a poker schedule, optimizing one’s environment/lifestyle-hacks
  • Initial skills assessment
  • Creation of a draft curriculum
  • Assigning drills and homework between sessions
  • Continuing to assess student progression and honing the coursework accordingly

The student also gets access to a private skype group moderated by all of the Poker in a Box coaches, so it is easy to get feedback on poker hands or setup sweats with other students.

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