Mike Gano

Mike Gano


Mike is a professional poker player, coach, streamer and author. He’s been a consistent winner in the online NL cash games for over 15 years, playing as high as $10/20. His videos and articles have appeared all across the Internet (e.g., DeucesCracked, Red Chip Poker).

Mike currently plays 600NL to 1K  NL, 6-max and full ring. He recently switched from 888 to PartyPoker because of a new, better rakeback deal. Prior to that he was playing on 888Poker.


Trained as a system engineer, Mike employs a process-based approach to his coaching engagements. The foundation of this process is the deliberate practice learning method. It is the principles of this learning method that have produced such great achievers and Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Jerry Rice to name a few.

The idea is that while many people will try to master a discipline, most go about it in the wrong way. What’s required is an expert to not only guide the student, but more specifically to construct a curriculum that challenges the student with relatively difficult, very specific, repeatable, measurable tasks. And then the difficulty of these drills are increased over time as the student gains more expertise.

Another notable aspect of Mike’s coaching philosophy is the emphasis on work between coaching sessions. The fact is that the vast majority of improvement a student achieves happens between lessons. Mike therefore highly values homework and what the student will be working on. Also, time is spent at the beginning of the lesson to check-in on the previous assignments to hold the student accountable.



7 days a week

10a to 5p (Pacific time)

Currently living on Vancouver Island



One hour/class



  • Typical frequency is once per week or per two weeks
  • Less frequent may risk loss of concepts.
  • More frequent means you don’t have enough time between sessions to play/practice.

How it Works

More specifically Mike’s coaching engagements include the following:

  • Preliminary discussion: goal-setting, building a poker schedule, optimizing one’s environment/lifestyle-hacks
  • Initial skills assessment
  • Creation of a draft curriculum
  • Assigning drills and homework between sessions
  • Continuing to assess student progression and honing the coursework accordingly

The student also gets access to a private skype group moderated by all of the Poker in a Box coaches, so it is easy to get feedback on poker hands or setup sweats with other students.