Coach Teun


Teun, 27 years old (born march 1989), lives in The Netherlands in a small town called Terheijden (above city of Breda). He has been to Thailand with a Swedish poker buddy to focus on poker, which was a great experience! At this moment he lives with a friend in a house in his hometown. He plays poker about 30-40 hours a week and study 10-20 hours each week. Sometimes he even likes to study more than to play, so he is the person who really LOVES the game.

He loves hanging out with friends and even though before he really enjoys going out to clubs and bars a lot, he decided to quit drinking for at least a while to fully focus on poker. Drinking and partying really has been an obstacle for him, but he is trying to manage everything to a minimum now.
Currently, he works out at the gym about 4-6 times a week and eats very healthy to have an overall ‘feel good’. As for him: He really cares about the improvement of his student and very open-minded as well as really willing to take the time for the student. He is 100% sure that every student he has had can back that up In his perspective, he is pretty satisfied when the student is satisfied as well.

Here is a screenshot for his recent results:


Poker is such a complex game. You need so much study to get better step by step. You will not be a top pro poker player if you only look around on the Internet and try to ‘get there’ for free. As I’ve done myself too, I see poker as a business, so I hired some coaches and also bought courses and watched video’s on multiple sites. You NEED to work hard in order to get better; talk with people, analyze hands, watch video’s, read stuff, getting coached etc. Back to I see poker as a business: you need to invest in order to yield profit. Rarely any business can be made without investing in something. With poker you have to invest your time and invest in quality advice in order to become better.


Monday – Friday

8 am – 6 pm (Pacific time)

Some nights and weekends may be possible



Discount:  5 hour hour package for $250.

One hour/class



-Take class once per week or once two weeks

-Less frequent than this is not recommended

-You might forget the concepts learned in the previous lesson

-And from the coach’s perspective, it helps to have the student’s game fresh in his mind

How it Works

More specifically Tern’s coaching engagements include the following:

  • Preliminary discussion: goal-setting, building a poker schedule, optimizing one’s environment/lifestyle-hacks
  • Initial skills assessment
  • Creation of a draft curriculum
  • Assigning drills and homework between sessions
  • Continuing to assess student progression and honing the coursework accordingly

The student also gets access to a private skype group moderated by all of the Poker in a Box coaches, so it is easy to get feedback on poker hands or setup sweats with other students.