Continuation Betting

Continuation Betting Strategy

Coach Teun

Coach Teun

Welcome everyone!

This is my first video for Poker in a Box.

The main focus in this poker strategy video is continuation-betting and the adjustments I make versus different kinds of opponents.

I choose to play two 20NL tables and one 50NL (my stake, with sometimes 100NL), since most students that I coach play 5NL-25NL.

I reviewed the video myself and will make some notes about the plays I made: whether or not I made the right decision according to my perception.




Notes about the video


0.50 min PartyPoker

The adjustment I would make versus an agro would be to go into x/c mode on the turn.

Versus a fish with a high WTSD I would bet the turn for sure, and a bet on the flop is totally fine too.

A bet on the flop versus a station fish accomplishes two things; you get value from worse hands and you deny his equity vs some Broadways like KT.

1.40 min – Betfair Table 2

Betting and checking back are both totally fine. The decision would rely mostly on how agro of a check raiser villain is; if he is very agro with check-raises, then I would be more inclined to check back.

Because, 1. We have SDV and  2. We also have a draw, so we are not afraid of the 6 (would be different when we had QQ for instance).

Versus passive guys both options are fine i.m.o., because when we bet we deny equity of some hands, but on the other side we could get more information on the turn when we check back.

2.43 – PartyPoker

Not my standard to open A8o in MP at all! I have no idea why I opened A8o for 5bb there; guess something because I mixed stakes for the video.

3.00 min BF T2

Turns that I would barrel in that spot would be any spade, deuce and three since we turned some equity which would could use to barrel on.

Versus regs I would check back a turned A most likely, but versus a fish I would bet small to get calls from weaker hands.

6.22 – Party Poker

Block the FLUSHDRAW I obviously meant

9.10 – PartyPoker

If I had a decent sample on this guy and if he were a passive fish with a high WTSD I would go for a blocking bet of around 20-33%.

That way I would probably still get some calls from weaker Q’s, 8x and a hand like T9 and J9.
Thinking long about the hand, but I wasn’t thinking about calling though.

11.45 – PartyPoker

Instead of “definitely”, I should say “more likely” since I’m not too afraid when the 3rd spade hits.

Thanks for watching!

  • Aras

    How do you determine, when to steal 2x and when 2,5x from the BTN?

  • Teun van Gils

    I would adjust the opening sizing according to these following options:

    1. Open 2x when the BB and SB are not defending their blinds often enough; so let’s say they have an accumulated fold% of 60. This means we auto-profit by opening 2x with 100% of our range.

    2. As a default I would open 2,5x (2x is fine too) vs unknown/regs with about a 50% OR

    3. I would open 3x (with good hands) when there is a fish/whale in the blind. This way we get max value post-flop, because we build the pot, in position, versus a weak opponent. And that is about the most +EV situation you could get in.

    Keep in mind though, that is an exploitable way of playing. But when playing micro-stakes, players aren’t aware of that anyway, so you can apply this exploitable strategy at these stakes 🙂

    Don’t hesitate to contact me


  • Mika Hämäläinen

    “Turns that I would barrel in that spot would be any spade, deuce and three since we turned some equity which would could use to barrel on.”
    Don’t you mean club?

    Thanks for the video!

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