Free Online Poker Coaching

Free Online Poker Coaching

Free online poker coaching? What’s the catch? None! Tuning in to my twitch streaming poker channel is totally free. Ask all the poker strategy questions you want in the chat.

On top of that, I’ll be periodically doing random drawings from the people following me there to feature a sweat session or hand review with the lucky winner for the stream. Go check it out if you haven’t already. Following me also means you get notified by email whenever the stream goes live.

I’ve made a challenge for myself to run $200 up to $10,000. I’m playing on BlackChipPoker where the prime time is evenings in North America, so I’m getting very intimate with the games many of you guys are playing: 10NL, 25NL, etc.

This means I’m primarily streaming during my evenings, but I recognize many of you are in Europe, Asia, and other time zones. I will also mix in some morning sessions when my normal game is slow. And to repeat, I mean it when I say this a good free online poker coaching opportunity. On Monday, one of my students tuned in and had two hours with me all to himself since he was the only one chatting!

This is all in the early stages, and I have to say pretty damn fun. I’m totally open to other suggestions on what to feature. While I don’t want to stream my normal game and reveal my handle, I could still potentially stream some higher stakes play on PokerStars if you guys are interested in that. I’d really love to hear from those of you who have been watching poker streams for a while.


    Hey Fooz, how can I know when youll be online on twitch ? Thank you

    Philippe Fernandes – domgomes87

  • Easy. Go to my twitch page:
    And look under the video player window, on the left. Click the follow button.
    (You may need to be logged in)
    Then you’ll get an email whenever I go on.

    I’m going to try to do every week night at 4pm PT, but I may be jumping on at other times too.

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