How to 3-Bet Better

This is a quick video I recorded in response to a question I received today about the webinar coming up this Sunday.

I didn’t rehearse or memorize the above video, so it’s not very polished.

However, for the actual webinar I’ve put in many hours to the presentation and diagrams to ensure it will be easy for you to understand and put to use.

HUD Stats

Also, in the video I talk about using HUD stats as part of this system.

Specifically there are three stats that I use. People who sign-up for the webinar will not only learn these stats, but will get a chart with the thresholds I use to distinguish the different player types.

If you don’t use a HUD (e.g. if you play live), not to worry. I’ll discuss other ways you can distinguish these player types.

Learn more about the 3-betting webinar.

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