How to get started with GTO Poker

How to Get Started with GTO Poker Strategy

Getting started GTO Poker Strategy can be quite challenging. Everything seems so complex. That is why when you start learning you should begin with river decisions.

Decision trees at the river are much smaller than if we started at the flop. These decision trees allow you to look at each option you have for your range and pick the best choice. This allows you to pick the best decision for your entire range each time.

You can also apply GTO equations, such as 1-α, because the equations match the solutions on river play. This isn’t always true on the flop or turn.

Have a look at my recent video on how to get started with GTO poker strategy.

GTO Programs and Where to Start

There are plenty of software programs available for GTO. In the video above I give a breakdown of why we should start with GTO Range Builder. It is a fantastic program that even allows for free solutions for the river.

I go over a complete breakdown in the video above of a certain spot that could help you optimize your strategy.

Check out some of the other programs I mention as well if you really want to invest the time into learning GTO poker strategy.

3 Poker GTO Strategy Tips

I was reading over one of my prior blog entries and thought it was the perfect pairing for the video above. GTO poker strategy made easy.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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