Improve your Poker Skills

A Powerful Technique to Improve your Poker Skills

One specific technique has been helping me improve my poker skills for years. That is to set a daily objective to focus on while you play. For example, today I’m going to concentrate on making more 4-bet bluffs. This may sound simple, but the reasons that this can help so much to improve your poker skills are many.

Avoid Auto-pilot

If your game has stagnated or perhaps you often get bored, setting a daily focus can help you move forward again. It forces you to keep your head in the game and think more deeply about what you’re doing. Write it down and stick it on your screen or use windows notepad.

Draw from your Hand Reviews

You’re also doing regular hand reviews right? Hopefully that’s already a good habit you’ve implemented. These review sessions should result in a few key observations about your game. Attempt to distill the biggest mistakes into specific categories. Over time, you should notice patterns of your most frequent mistakes. Then these can feed into the objective you set for your next session.

Was it Effective?

At the end of your session consider how well it went. I’ve noticed some objective work really well while others might be so specific, the situation just rarely comes up. Perhaps you make these a weekly objective.

Setup a HEM or PT Report

You can bolster these objectives by tracking the corresponding statistic in your database software. Let’s say you’re trying to get your re-steal up. You could use either the session report or the daily report in Holdem Manager to show you what your re-steal statistic is running at for each session or day. Then hopefully you see a trend in the right direction.

Want my Help?

As I said, I’ve been doing this for a while. If you would like my help generating ideas for you to try: poker skills and drills to work on, then say so! If enough of you mention in the comments that this would be useful to you, then I will start sending out a “daily challenge” for you to try. We’d have to figure out the best forum for this. I’m thinking twitter and/or Facebook. What do you think?

  • brian

    hey. depending on what the specific task is, it may work better as a weekly challenge as to yield sufficient spots where we are trying something different. This also gives us enough time to have a few posts and comments without overlapping to too many different challenges.

  • Good point. I personally work with daily challenges, but if you guys are either playing less volume or you’d like to be able get some discussion going on the challenge, then weekly sounds good.
    Also, I’ve been slipping challenges into my twitter feed every couple days:

  • Mika Hämäläinen

    I’d agree with the weekly challenge, and some weekly poker drills/excercises. Maybe a “hand of the week” illustrating a specific concept or leak.

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