Increase that rakeback with BWIN Promos

It’s so rare I actually hear about no-frills, straight forward promotions. It’s always complicated or hidden behind an RNG (random number generator) system. Bucking the industry trend is BWIN. They have just announced some great promotions. Prepare to learn about how simple it is to earn those extra dollars to pad your rakeback and winrate.

The Race Is On

BWIN has launched a new weekly rake race. Each week they will be handing out $10,000 to the winners. The best part is the bracket system. They have segregated the pools to allow everybody to earn. No need to worry about an NL100 player being ahead of you because you are at NL25. Each bracket also awards the top 100 players. There is lots of money up for grabs no matter what stakes you play and all available on a weekly basis. If you would like more details check out the prize and bracket breakdowns at “The Race” at BWIN.

The Bonus Builder building you an extra 10% rakeback

BWIN has also offered up a simple way to earn extra rakeback. Just opt-in and play. That is it. Starting at 500 points raked you will earn 10% for every increment of 100 points you earn. If you play enough you could snatch yourself a bonus as big as $500. Sign me up for more rakeback that is for sure. Check it out here for more details.

Theres more?

We at Poker in a Box also offer our own perks. On the BWIN/Party Poker network we offer 2 additional rake races and a gold bar program. These are very similar to the promos above. The best part is you can STACK these. Rake 500 points, that is $100 back in your pocket. Being in 3 rake races as well you can boost that 20% rakeback far beyond. All these bonuses are AGAIN STACKED on top of what you may earn through their regular rakeback system. We have had members earning 50% rakeback and that was before these new promos were introduced.

Want to know more? Come join us in our Discord server. Look for me, Lukas, I can help answer any questions you may need.

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