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Las Vegas Trip and my Channel is Coming!

My wife and I finished off our 9 months abroad with a stop in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Bellagio on the poker room rate. I played around 50-60 hours in 4 days at the $2/5 and $5/10 NLH tables. While my winnings certainly paid for the trip, I should’ve come out much more ahead. My live game was rusty. If anyone wants to hear about some interesting hands, just say so, and I’ll write them up.

Now we’re back home in the BEAUTIFUL Victoria, B.C. The two things I missed most were the scenery and of course my friends. …but you know it’s funny: you leave for almost a year, come back, and hardly anything’s changed!

With poker, I’m enjoying having all my screens and the tricked-out desktop back to play on. And I look forward to developing a strong, healthy daily routine of play, study, exercise, and meditation. The challenge will be taking it relatively easy on Friday & Saturday nights so I’m sharp to play on the weekends. I’m sure you guys can relate to that, especially as summer rolls around and the weather gets nicer.

Lastly, I’m planning to start up a channel with me playing. While my main stake is 200NL, I’m thinking of playing 25NL – 50NL 6-max on BlackChipPoker for the video footage. Reasons are: 1) I think more of you play these stakes and 2) I don’t want to give away too much about my 200NL game. You have to hire me as a coach for that.

I would really like to hear from any of you that watch poker players live on Who do you like and why? What times/zones do you prefer? How many tables? What stakes do you like watching? I’m really looking forward to doing this. I think it’ll be fun!


My twitch poker channel is now live! Check it out:

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