Make 10bb/100 in Three Easy Steps

As I’m in transition right now and coming off of a good month, I figured I’d take a break from the strategy content and give a personal update. I’ll admit that the headline is a bit of a joke, but I will still cite what I think are the main 3 reasons for doing so well.

1) Run Well

Yeah – as good as it feels to achieve some great results, as always, we must keep reality in check. It is very likely that there is some run good going on here, especially given the smallish sample size.

2) Total Unwavering Discipline

My wife and I have been living on a beautiful Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras for the last two months. Besides “living the dream”, this also means I have very few distractions (e.g. mates ringing up to hit the pub). I was able to hunker down into a lifestyle entirely devoted to the best poker I could possibly play. Solid, consistent sleep. Rising early. Yoga, meditation, and aerobic exercise every day. Soul-warming joy and satisfaction of being surrounded by beautiful flora, fauna, beaches and weather. Rigorous play matched with daily hand reviews and a thorough study routine. Plus I continued to coach some very skilled students which always helps me progress as well.

Pretty much all the things you guys have heard me speak to in my video series or in this blog. I had the space to make it happen. And it paid off.

3) Study your competition

If I could pick one more contributing factor, it is this. I poured over the other top 20 winning regs (over last year) for my level(s) and searched for similarities in their statistics and style. And then I looked for differences in their play versus my own. This lead to clear, actionable objectives that I have since implemented and are now an ingrained part of my game.

Utila Beach

The Adventure Continues

We’ve packed up our things and moved on. For the last few days, we’ve been visiting friends in the Cayman Islands. Today we board a plane for Cuba for what will hopefully be a fulfilling and relaxing vacation. I understand that internet access is very hard to come by, so we’ll leave the laptop and ipad behind. I’m looking forward to “unplugging” for a while, a true vacation from poker, and just enjoying our surroundings.

I apologize in advance if there is a delay in my replies to your comments or messages.

Best of luck to you at the tables!

  • Alchemist

    Hey Mike, great post!

    I’m curious as to why the non-showdown winnings is trending downwards. Most graphs I’ve seen from pros have been similar. The Non-showdown is always trending downwards. Why is that?

    I’m curious because in my graph, allthough only 40k hands and some rough patches, all thre lines point upwards, net won, showdown and non-showdown. Do you think this say’s something about my play? Am I playing my good hands too agressive or something?

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