Online Poker Community

It’s funny how society still views gambling as shady business, yet I find most online poker players to be nice, friendly, hard working people. And despite the fact that we’re all competing against each other, we still will join an online poker community to help each other out and provide support.

Why is that? Are we a different breed from other gamblers? Or does society have it wrong? Or maybe both?

I think the online poker community thing is indeed a unique situation for us as opposed to live players. In the casino, you get more than your fill of IRL face time, but mashing buttons home alone, you get none. So as social creatures, we seek it out. It’s natural and healthy, and ultimately our success is a function of the strength of our poker network.

While sometimes your poker community (i.e. online forums and skype groups) can get “noisy” or bitchy or simply fizzle out, when they work it’s fantastic! You make friends, you get better, and often you laugh your ass off.

If you haven’t yet found yourself a poker community of your own, I strongly encourage it. Just like I emphasize in my video series: it is one of the primary keys to success. If you’re not having much luck with the larger poker communities like 2+2, let me know via comments, and I can point you in a better direction.

Or if you HAVE found yourself a great poker community, I’d really like to know: 1) what is it? (skype, forum, site?) and moreso 2) what makes it great??

Another great option is that you come join us on twitch! I stream my play live there for free. You can chat with me or the other viewers live. It’s quite the experience if you’ve never tried it before! We have a ton of fun.

  • Hi Mike, are you still travelling around? I liked it when you would post a tip or two. The one you posted on stack sizes really helped me. Basically, you can spot a fish if they are coming to the table with really small stacks. I have a tip to offer. I think it helps to log your winnings or losings in a spreadsheet, to see if you are improving or not. If not, question why.

    Nice post.

    • Mike "fooz" Gano

      Hi Michael!

      Yep. Still traveling: in Colorado now. We’ll still be roadtrippin’ through November, and then we head to the Cayman Islands for a few months.

      It’s good to get feedback on the content you like for the blog. I’ll be sure to make my next post on poker strategy again.
      And great tip: tracking your results is mandatory if you take this stuff seriously. Then you can be honest with yourself about how you’re doing, but you need to make sure you’re looking at a big enough sample size.

  • harveykietel

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