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Online Poker School and Retreat in the Caribbean (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED. Checkout our coaching page if you’re looking for poker training.

How would you like to vacation on the sunny beaches of the Mayan Riviera, stay in a stunning luxurious villa, AND attend an elite poker school for online play?

Sample Luxury Villa

SAMPLE luxury villa

Starting January 2015, I will be offering an intensive poker school for online poker (No-limit Texas Hold’em cash) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The class size will likely be 6 to 8 and will be held at a lavish tropical villa.

If this sounds interesting, I invite you to complete the following application. This in no way commits you to anything, but rather it helps me assess interest and optimize the course content, length and structure to best meet the skill level and preferences of the participants:

Application for Online Poker School

Poker School Goal and Objectives

The primary goal of this course will be to provide you with lasting improvements to your game that will directly translate into a significant increase in your winrate. We will achieve this together by doing the following:

  • Individual interview and game assessment prior to the course to ensure properly tailored curriculum and that all players are close to the same skill level
  • Advanced HUD design, in depth coverage of database statistics, and in-game profiling techniques
  • For U.S. players, an overview of available U.S. poker sites and the best places to play
  • A balance of classroom style lecture, group discussion, and individual assignments with the possibility of live “sweats”
  • Detailed reports based on simulation (CREV) analysis and large player databases with an emphasis on effective strategies for exploiting the field
  • Fostering a strong team atmosphere and afterwards creating a skype group where attendees can continue to discuss strategy, review hands together, and provide support
  • Having fun! Whether we run some side games at night or hit a beach party or do some yoga by the pool, the intention is to create a relaxed, enjoyable, immersive learning environment.

The choice of specific topics and level of coverage (such as preflop ranges, blind play, 3-bet pots, bet sizing, exploitative vs. balanced play, etc.) will depend greatly on the skill level and preferences of the participants.

Regarding Cost

The total cost for the course will depend greatly on many factors yet decided such as which villa we choose, specific dates, length of course, and what will be included (e.g. housekeeper, chef, how many meals). The best I can say for now is this:

A 7-day course would likely range between $2,000 – $3,000 USD. This fee will cover at a minimum: course tuition, lodging, airport transportation, and some number of meals. Airfare would not be included, but average prices for a round-trip ticket from major cities in North America to Cancun (1 hour away) currently seem to be around $450 to $600.

Playa del Carmen

Situated on the Caribbean side of Mexico, just down the Yucatan peninsula from Cancun, Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Latin America. It boasts beautiful beaches and a rich nightlife, with many restaurants, bars and clubs that often host parties right on the beach.

After visiting last year, my wife (Melanie) and I chose this destination for the following reasons:

  • a vibrant nightlife
  • fantastic food
  • plenty of sight-seeing (Mayan & Aztec ruins, cenotes, etc.)
  • great local diving
  • a strong local poker community!

The Instructor (me)

Mike Gano

Mike “fooz” Gano

For those of you that may not know me, I have been playing online poker for over 10 years, supporting my family in the process. I’ve coached for over 5 years and developed a solid reputation as a video producer and instructor via CardRunners and 2+2.

To date I’ve coached 400+ clients, totaling over 1,000 hours, and last year created the all-in-one video package sold through my website to teach novice players everything they need to know to start winning at the micro-stakes.

Prior to poker, I was a project manager in the financial sector. I led large teams on million dollar software projects for Fortune 100 financial firms. This also included facilitating and teaching classes of stakeholders (owners, admins, users, etc.) on functionality and workflow.

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