PartyPoker Increases Rakeback

PartyPoker Rakeback Increases, Good-bye PokerStars!

This is the best news I’ve heard all year:

PartyPoker rakeback increases by up to 15%!

This is huge.

And that’s why…

I am switching to PartyPoker this week.

While PokerStars and 888Poker give regulars the middle-finger, PartyPoker is doing the opposite. They are welcoming us by increasing their cashback instead of cutting it.

The current PartyPoker rakeback program nets you 30.5% if you reach “Palladium”, but now they’re adding another 10% to 15% on top of that. So that means it’s possible to get over 40% total!

Apparently this is an exclusive deal only my affiliate is offering.

And it may be OK if You Already have an Account

I had one, and it was fine.

If your account has been inactive for over 6 months, then you can submit your details and we’ll figure out whether your eligible.

Even if your account HAS been active, there are still two other ways you can get it.

I’m helping some of my students make the switch right now, because I don’t know how long this will last.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below.

You will instantly get an email with detailed instructions about how it works and how to set it up.

PLUS you’ll get details on my new private rake race.

If you’re already on my mailing list, it’s ok. You can still use the form.

  • PH

    Is there still the 100% sign up bonus up to $500?

  • QedSpotlight

    I’m browsing website (in Italy is not possible to play on the .com room) and it says rakeback is 20% on palladium, 30% on palladium elite, so i suppose this changes only affect

  • QedSpotlight

    Is your affiliate program available for .it too or is only for the .com section of partypoker?

    • Mike

      Yes. Italy (and Span and Denmark) can qualify for this program.

      But we would need to work out a separate method of payment for the additional rakeback, as we cannot transfer money into those sites.

      If you’re interested, complete the form to get details. You will also then have my email to ask further questions.

      • Mike

        Also, the links you will use will be different than the ones that get sent to you automatically. If you are in Italy, Spain or Denmark. Once you complete the form, we can communicate about these details.

  • cristian

    no hud on cash tables, i refused a 100% reload bonus

  • John Latten

    I’m interested in joining Party to get the extra Rakeback, but created an account there 7 years ago and haven’t used it since.

    I’m interested in rejoining Party through this site, but can’t find the form on this site to fill out to see if I am eligible

  • Isak Nyby


    I can’t seem to find how mich rakeback I will get from the yellow status @ bwin, is it 22 or 30% + the affiliate 10-15%?

    Im in the rakerace = I get + 10-15% right?


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