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Mastering poker strategy offers a path to financial freedom like no other strategy game can. How quickly you become a poker pro directly depends on the quality of the poker strategies you learn. Here is a curated and regularly updated collection of essential poker tips and strategies organized by skill level.

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Texas Holdem Strategy for Beginners

  • Best Sites for 2017 – the first step of course is to figure out where to play. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of who has the softest games, best software, most lucrative deals, and more.
  • How to Study Poker – prep yourself to get the most out of your study efforts with some key poker tips on how to study most effectively.
  • Self discipline – for your next step consider improving your self discipline. This will ensure you get the most out of all of your other efforts.
  • Gaining wisdom – in preparation for optimal learning, take a moment to reflect on the process of gaining wisdom itself.
  • Perfect poker practice – not sure how to study poker? This will get you started.
  • How to beat the fish – to move beyond the status of “recreational poker player” study these 10 tips on how to maximize your profits against the fish.
  • 5 trick plays that work – are you still struggling to win or move beyond the break-even mark? These 5 plays will help you boost your win-rate.

Intermediate Poker Strategy

  • Hand Ranges – advancing from “what poker hand does he have?” to “what poker HANDS does he have?” is a key milestone in any budding poker pro’s development.
  • Quality over quantity – the key to breaking out of auto-pilot and launching your game to the next level is to shift your focus from playing as many poker hands as possible to playing the highest quality poker hands possible.
  • Common poker leaks – discussing blind defense, continuation betting and other poker strategy topics, this article addresses some of the most common poker leaks I notice in players that come to me for poker coaching.
  • Overcoming tilt – for many, tilt can represent the biggest of all poker leaks. This article offers a powerful technique for reducing stress and managing tilt.
  • Reliable poker stats – before you can master your HUD, you need understand which of your poker stats you can trust given your sample size.
  • Increase your red line – moving from the intermediate level to advanced usually requires you fix your red line. This poker strategy article explains how.
  • Understanding Poker Variance – when can you trust your win-rate? I explain how many hands are required to be 95% confident.

Advanced Online Poker Strategy

  • Poker coaching – the single greatest contributor to my own success as a poker pro was getting coached. Here are some tips on getting the most out of poker coaching.
  • Competitive analysis – next to getting coached, I can attribute this activity to having the biggest impact on my own success. Let me share some techniques.
  • The leveling game – to have a better chance at out-leveling your opponent, avoid these two common mistakes.
  • How to Bluff Better – the secret? Opt for blocker and blocking cards when you bluff.
  • GTO poker vs. Exploitative play – Completely mastering poker strategy requires a thorough understanding of GTO poker, exploitable play, and when to use each strategy.
  • GTO poker made easy – Game theory optimal play doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 3 simple techniques for you to start using now.

Other Highly Recommended Resources

  • Red Chip Poker – they have a great selection of coaches and videos. I make strategy videos for them as well. This specific link will take you to a podcast on How to Study.
  • Poker Market – a great community. Here, you can buy and sell stakes for tournaments (I list mine here). And also buy instructional videos for competitive rates.
  • Deuces Cracked – another great instructional video site with a HUGE library. I’ve learned so much from these guys over the years.
  • My Poker Tips Twitch Channel – you can go back and watch old videos I’ve recorded of my live sessions. I explain my thought process as I go. A great free source for poker instruction.

Do you prefer poker videos over poker strategy articles? Check out my 8-part video series on the essential fundamentals of poker.

  • Royal Rosario

    Great video and good tips! After mastering the basic fundamentals and memorizing your ranges, what’s the best step in bridging the gap from a beginner player into an intermediate player?

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    Thank you for the reminders, Mike!

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    Hi Mike, love your blog, great quality and very nice design, most poker blogs look like is 2003 or something

    I got a question for you:
    I have troubles with focusing while playing poker, my mind tends to wander and when this happens I lose money. Have you ever experience something like this? and what would you recommend?

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