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It’s like the eBay of poker. But better.

An Open Market for Poker is an open marketplace where poker players can list their goods or services and other players can buy them.

The main sections of the site are staking, coaches, videos, and rakeback/loyalty deals. They also have an active forum with a warm, welcoming community vibe. Far less of the egos and flaming like you get on 2+2.

Plus even the front page of the site is cool, giving you a snapshot of everything happening on the site and around the web in terms of poker.

I’ve tried out both the staking and the coaching+video listings, so I’ll give you my take.

Poker Staking the Easy Way

I get asked all the time if I do staking or know anyone, and lately I’ve been sending people to the PokerMarket.

They make staking really easy.

Reduce your Poker Variance

If you play tournaments and want to reduce your variance, you can post the tournament(s) you plan to play. Then other people can easily buy a piece of your action.

If you’re brand new to this, you can just offer up your stake with no mark-up. But as you establish yourself, get positive ratings by other members, and build up a solid, profitable tournament record, you command a higher mark-up.

One of the best parts to the site is their user interface. They make it SUPER easy to put in all of your details about your tournament package, and then manage the entire process of getting money from your backers, posting your results, and distributing your winnings.

Looking to Invest?

If you’d rather “play the market” and just pick some winning “horses” to do all the work for you, then PokerMarket again makes it easy to look through all of the different packages up for sale and pick your winners.

Often you can buy a share for under a dollar. And you can buy multiple shares if you like.

Again the user interface manages the whole process for you, except for the money transactions. Those still happen between players, as PokerMarket does not handle any tournament staking money.

Check out their tournaments page.

Pro Tip: Look for the Trusted Badge

A word of warning, as this is an open market, just like eBay and Craigslist, they are subject to scammers. But those people will quickly get a “thumbs down” rating as soon as they’re discovered. Still, beware.

The best thing to do is look for the “trusted badge”. This means that PokerMarket has verified that person’s ID, proof of address, and social media page. This ensures they are who they say they are.

You can also see that they have a good track record of paying people promptly on previous staking deals.

Looking for Cash Game Staking?

PokerMarket also handles cash game staking.

The site’s founder is the esteemed “Internet”. And he also serves as the head coach of their main stable.

If you apply and get accepted, you can actually greate free coaching from him. Not a bad deal since he usually charges up to $333 per hour.

PokerMarket Coaching and Videos

The open marketplace model also works really well for instructional content. PokerMarket offers both a big directory of coaches as well as a sortable list of poker strategy videos.

Fancy yourself a Poker Coach?

If you’re a coach looking for more students, you can pay €15 per month (or €115 per year) to list yourself in their coaching directory.

I gave it a try, but didn’t get any leads from it. I let the ad run out, since I get enough business through my own coaching page.

If you’re truly interested in new students, I think you can set a fair price, and get really active on their site, and your listing will probably climb the ranks in the directory. It’s based on feedback. And eventually this could be a viable source of business for you.

Need a Poker Mentor?

Where this service really shines is for those seeking a coach. They have a huge directory, and you can sort by game type (e.g. Cash, MTTs), stakes, hourly rate, language, and rating. You can read the coach’s reviews, admire their graph, and book directly through the form.

You can even track their recent activity and lurk them across the forums. (eww creeper)

If you are in the market for a coach, my post on getting the most out of poker coaching is a must read.

Instructional Poker Videos

Again they offer a big sortable list of poker videos made by…whoever feels like making one. You can list your video for free, but then the site takes 35% of the sale. Compared to other sites, that’s a very fair split.

Again the real value here is for the student/viewer.

The very nature of the open market helps establish competitive prices for the videos being sold. If someone’s charging too much, their video don’t sell or get poor ratings if the value doesn’t justify the price.

In fact, I used the price vs. quality data in this directory to properly set the prices of the videos in my shop.

I think the best way to get the most from this directory is to sort by rating and then scan for videos matching your game type that fall within your budget. Some are even free!

Site Deals and Tokens

You pay for coaching and videos with tokens.

You can either buy tokens directly with cash, or you can earn them through signing up, getting active in the community, and/or signing up under their affiliate deals.

Great Site, Great People

By the way, I’m not getting paid to write this review for them or anything. I’ve simply been in close contact with the guys that run the site and volunteered to do this.

They’ve been extremely friendly, helpful, and responsive as I tried out their various offerings. And I think they provide a service like no other site out there. And like with any market, it will only get more valuable as they grow.

If you give the PokerMarket a try (or have already used them before) I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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    Hi Mike, I’ve bought your video at PokerMarket and I really liked it. I have some of these tokens left. When do you release a new video there?

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