PokerStars gets Greedy

PokerStars Cuts Rakeback by 85%, PartyPoker Responds by Increase to 40%

PokerStars is turning its back on regulars, hoping to lure more casual players. While the new loyalty program fully launches later this summer, players in Denmark got an early taste of it in May.

Early Feedback on Stars Program is Concerning

Since rakeback is no longer directly tied to volume, rewards are ambiguous. As one Dane remarked on Reddit:

“I have no idea if I’m getting 5% or 25% back…they just stealth-slashed RB by 80%.

Even PokerStars themselves have emailed some players individually and confirmed this:

“We cannot give you an exact figure, but in the most extreme cases some players will receive up to 85% less than under the previous program.”

This is alarming, but not surprising as 888Poker made a similar move last year. But there is hope.

PartyPoker to the Rescue

This last May, they appointed poker ambassador Mike Sexton as Chairman of PartyPoker. Sexton has long held a solid reputation as being the player’s player. Not only have we seen him covering endless episodes of WPT tournaments, but he’s also still an active, successful player in his own right.

Soon after this appointment, party launched a newly improved loyalty program. Unlike PokerStars however, this one is clearly a positive change for regulars.

There is nothing ambiguous about it: before Party players could get up to 23.5% rakeback, now the program pays up to 40%.
Read more details on the PartyPoker site.

Also, as a select affiliate, pokerinabox is able to raise this percentage even higher. Our players are reporting between 50 to 100% in effective rake back.

Gold Bar Program

The first is our gold bar program. For players that sign-up with us, we can boost whatever rakeback they currently get by 10 to 15%. This is an ongoing program that is paid out on a monthly basis.

To get our deal, join our discord chat server.

There are pinned posts describing how everything works. You can talk to other players currently in the program and ask me questions directly.

Alternatively, you can reach me using the email icon at the top of the screen.

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