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The Complete 3-betting System


*BONUS ADDED* – Download now includes 10+ illustrative tables, charts and diagrams (including process flow chart)

What do top winners have in common across all stakes?
Their 3-bet is higher than everyone else.

This class will teach you how to 3-bet with power and confidence.

Key Benefits

• 2 hours of actionable instruction
• Gain confidence in the blinds
• Turn the tables: make THEM afraid
• Know when to use balance
• And when to exploit

You will learn my complete system for 3-betting: which specific hands to use versus every player type.

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Product Description

This is not your average poker video.

As you know if you’ve attended one of my webinars before, I go deep.

I put in a TON of preparation. (over 40 hours went into this one).

The result is that not only will you learn a great deal during the 2 hour class, but you will be equipped with a method and tools to facilitate your continued learning for many hours into the future.

What’s Covered
• The problem with how most people 3-bet
• Where we make the most money with 3-bets
not what you think
• Why a purely balanced strategy costs us money
• Breaking all players down into 3 categories
• How to snap-profile using your HUD
• Breaking all hands down into 4 relevant categories
• A step-by-step process for quick decisions

The step-by-step process is the heart of the teaching.

As you practice this process, your decisions will get easier and easier until they are internalized. You will feel more confident, and you will get into the zone more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this be useful to to live players? What if I don’t use a HUD?
Yes. I give live players and HUD-less players techniques to categorize their players even with out the use of stats.

Does this apply to Micro-stakes? Mid-stakes?
Absolutely. This is a COMPLETE system, meaning I give you the tools to apply in all situations.

Does this apply to full ring?
Examples and discussion cover both full ring and 6-max.

Does it matter if I use PT4 or HM2?

I’m still on the fence.
I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not find that my content is worth the value, then I will return your money (if requested within two weeks of purchase).

More questions? Just ask.


  1. (verified owner):

    Dear poker friends,

    after digesting a lot of the input from Mike’s webinar over that last days and logging in the first few k hands following the presented strategy I would like to share my first impressions and overall thoughts with you guys.

    In his presentation and supplemental material Mike is handing over a 3bet tool box which transforms you instantly into a player you hate to play against yourself.

    His explanations and thought processes are very clear and it doesn’t take long to realize that he did a) put a lot of work & thought into it and b) he is living poker. All is very authentic, makes sense and generates quickly the trust you need in order to follow his strategy. When you played a lot of hands you may have implemented many of the things he is pointing out by yourself already but he put it all together in a very ordered manner, giving you a solid base you can rely on and always fall back to if things go south. He is simplifying at the right points (e.g. putting opponents in just three categories, focusing on just a handful of stats – put never forgetting the importance of sample size) which makes his concept very easy to apply.

    I want to point out the importance of a solid backbone of your overall game again because I think that is the most important thing. I already did have a high 3b % in my game (around 9%) but never had a complete strategy around it. It was based way too much on player’s individual tendencies and I ended 3betting all over the place. That’s fine as long as it works but when variance catches up you are immediately questioning yourself if you’re doing the right thing. I ended up changing my overall game all the time, going back to be a nit and widening my ranges when things were going into my direction. Now I can simply apply Mike’s strategy and go from there. You should never stop questioning things but you will quickly realize that it feels good to apply the concepts he is suggesting and you start at a completely different level with your overall game. I have to say that few months ago I also got his preflop guide ( because my confidence hit bottom after being in a massive downswing. It’s a bit too tight for me but he also states that those are “minimum” starting ranges and there is absolutely no problem in widening them. If you’re applying the preflop strategy + implementing his 3betting concept you become a very solid player tough to play against & tough to exploit preflop and you can start focusing on other things to modify in your overall game. Also when you have a solid reliable base strategy it’s much easier to accept variance. You don’t hit flops and end up check folding 4 times in a row without much equity– no problem because you don’t need to worry since it’s the right thing to do and part of the overall plan.

    I ended up being much hyped now and looking forward to put in a decent sample to see how it works.
    After my first 5k hands (8.77.% 3bet) it feels good, smooth sailing with a high confidence level.

    So …thank you Mike! What you delivered is worth much more than the money I did pay.

    All the best from Hannover, Germany

  2. (verified owner):

    Watched this and liked it. The content and presentation of it is good. It gives you a good 3-betting system to use at the tables.

  3. (verified owner):

    This is a very important piece of work. One reason is that Mike focused on finding easily digestable observables to determine whether an opponent is a cautious, curious, or balanced player. His charts are very easy to understand and well proven. So not only will this webinar greatly improve your three bet skills, but it greatly improve your ability to categorize players in general.

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