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Advanced Bluffing

Advanced C-bet Bluffing with Flopzilla


Bluffing in the wrong spots can cost you money, but missing profitable bluffing opportunities is also an expensive mistake. This video will teach how to always get it right.

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Product Description


The first step is figuring out the fold equity you need based on your continuation bet size. The next step is to estimate the fold equity you have based on the board cards and your opponent. This is where Flopzilla comes in. With this handy tool, you can enter your opponent’s range, the flop cards, and your own holding and calculate the exact percentage your opponent folds.

What You’ll Learn

In this video, I will walk you through my process for solving these situations. We use four different actual hand examples to demonstrate the principles.

These techniques apply to hands you play against recreational players as well as hands you play against the “regulars”. This method will work in HU, 6-max, and full ring cash games as well as in tournaments. In fact, anytime you find yourself heads-up on the flop in a No Limit Texas Hold’em game, you can use the approach.

Once you’ve practiced it with Flopzilla for a while, you will begin to learn which textures are good bluffs and which are not so that you can make the right decision while at the table. When these decisions become second nature, it has the added benefit of speeding up your play, letting you achieve more hands per hour.

This video is 39 minutes in length.

I recommend you download Flopzilla and follow along on your own with the tool as you watch the video. While the full version costs money, you can start with the free trial version.