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Leakfinder HUD

Leak-finder HUD (HM2)


* Wondering what your leaks are?

* Tear apart your opponent’s game

Player Screenshot
The built-in color ranges do the work for you.
And the intuitive design packs a ton of information into a small space.

What’s Included

1) HUD file (.xml)
2) Installation video
3) Tutorial on how to use the HUD and what all the stats mean (webinar replay)

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Product Description

Key Features

  • • Opponents leaks become obvious
  • • Innovative, intuitive color coding system
  • • Tolerance ranges built in
  • • Intelligent Layout – sample screenshot
  • • Fully customizable

Leak-finder HUD does the work for you.

I’ve already buit-in what the stats should be. When a number gets too high, it turns red. If it gets too low it turns green. Otherwise it stays gray.

That makes it easy for new players to start using right away, before they understand what the numbers should be.

Then the more you use the HUD, the better you’ll learn the stats!

Opponent Weaknesses become Obvious

The Leak-finder HUD makes it easy to see patterns.

If you see a lot of green numbers, your opponent is clearly passive. Lots of red? He’s aggressive.

Watch out for the guys that are mostly gray!

Find your Own Mistakes

This is the same HUD that I use in my coaching sessions when I break down my student’s game. This means you can effectively “coach yourself” and analyze your game on your own.

While it’s not quite the same as having an expert to guide you, the color coding will give you clues to where your problems might lie.

Intelligent Layout

After a decade of building financial tools for traders, I know how to craft layouts that empower the user without overwhelming him.

The Leak-finder Hud applies intelligent font color, brightness, size, alignment, grouping and positioning to create an easy-to-understand statistical model of your


What if I buy it and don’t like it?
I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not find that my content is worth the value, then I will return your money (if requested within two weeks of purchase).

Does it work for full ring? Heads-up? Micro-stakes?
It works for all Texas Hold’em games, all levels. The only thing specific to 6-max are the pre-flop color ranges. These can easily be adjusted for HU or Full Ring.

Does it come with popups?
All stats are configured to point to the corresponding default popups that come with Holdem Manager.

If you want more advanced pop-ups, I highly recommend NoteCaddy Edge.

Will I get updates?
Yes. You’ll get notified of new versions and can download them for free.

Do you have one for Poker Tracker?
No. Sorry. I only use Holdem Manager 2.

More questions? Ask me.