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Preflop Strategy Guide


14 full color charts geared for 6-max No-limit Holdem live or online. Plus instructions on how to use them.


Product Description

Optimal Play Starts Preflop

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  • Still unsure when to 3-bet AK and when to call?
  • Is your strategy in the blinds exploitable?
  • Wondering what to do versus unknown players?


Detailed Introduction

We explain the methodology, assumptions, and notation used in the guide. We also tell you which bet sizings to use.

Flopzilla Friendly

We give you the codes for each range so you can copy/paste them into your favorite tool, such as Flopzilla, Equilab, or Poker Ranger.

Anonymous Tables

These ranges are safe to use on anonymous tables or against unknowns since the bluffs are strong enough to work against fish.

Tested by Players

We verified that the ranges are unexploitable by micro-stakes players. These ranges will work for 2NL through 50NL.

Easy to Play

All the ranges are strong and tight to make your life easier post-flop. The key to winning is to consistently show up with better hands.

Quick to Learn

Special care was taken to make the ranges fluid and intuitive. Each chart builds on the previous one so you can learn and apply them quickly.

Proven Results

Florian Digiovinazzo (Live Player)

I find that this hand range chart for opening has been super beneficial in my game all around. I have had a lot of success in Live these past couple of weeks and I owe it a lot to being patient and playing the right hands in the right position on the table.

Royal Rosario (Plays 5NL & 10NL Online)

It’s a solid first step into transitioning out of spewing your money at the tables…my BB/100 has been on a positive incline since purchased.

Dustin Wallington (Microstakes Grinder)

You explain everything very well and I already see much improvement in my game.

Mike Gano

Mike Gano

In case we haven’t met…

I’m a 13+ year poker pro, coach, twitch streamer and author. I run and write the weekly strategy blog there. I’ve coached hundreds of players from the micros up through the higher stakes. While I currently win at 200NL for 7bb/100, I also recently did a challenge where I played thousands of hands at the micros.

I’m lucky to have three top notch coaches that work with me: Brian, Teun, and Darren. They are crushing the 50NL and 100NL levels and spending many hours with players from the 2NL level on up.

Together we have a clear understanding of which specific kinds of hands work at the micros and why. This is what you’ll learn from our preflop strategy guide.