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River Play

Optimal River Play


BONUS ADDED – when you purchase, you instantly get the webinar replay video + flopzilla instructional video + export of Flopzilla ranges + EV equation sheet + EV calc template + GTO frequency cheat sheet.

Our most challenging decisions usually occur on the river.

Villain bets. The pot is huge. The time-bank is running.

And all we have is bluff-catcher.

In this class, you will learn actionable strategies and straightforward techniques to improve your river play and advance your post-flop game.

Key Benefits

  • 2 densely packed hours of instruction + QnA
  • Class-room style lecture + real world examples using the most current poker tools (including GTO)
  • Conquer the hardest situations in poker like: 1) what to do when “everything gets there” and your opponent bets and 2) when to “empty the clip”

What You'll Learn

  • A complete set of decision-making frameworks to cover all possible river scenarios
  • How to organize and focus your thought processes to make confident decisions quickly
  • When to play exploitatively and when to balance (GTO)
  • How to properly size your bets
  • Essential GTO frequencies presented in an easy-to-understand format