The June Rakeback Report

The Poker In A Box crew put in tons of work at the tables in the month of June. When you put in the work that effort is rewarded. Many of our players were able to make quite a bit extra on top of Party Poker’s already lucrative rakeback system.

We had a handful of players able to cash in the $15k global rake race we participate in. This month they doubled their prize pool. They made sure to take advantage and earn themselves extra cash. Seven of our players made out in scoring position. Great work!

Our in-house rake race was also a success handing out $750 this month. We had four who placed in the month of June but guess what? We are expanding it to five places paid in the month of July. Just to sweeten the pot many of our players earned a few $50 dollar gold bars.

Here are our top players for the month of June:

OtB_RedHerring: He was the grand winner of our rake race this month. He earned himself $400 for first place! On top of that he was able to place in the global race for an extra $105. His high volume play also earned him 5 gold bars. He brought home a whopping $755 before standard rakeback.

Ameno27: Our second place finisher of this month’s rake race. He too was able to place well in the global race. He was able snag himself 3 gold bars for a grand total of $425 before rakeback.

Jim.Morrison: The third place finisher for the second month in a row. He too placed in scoring position in the global rake race. Between the races and his 2 gold bars he earned himself $275 before rakeback.

DaBlufferFish: Last but not least in placing in our rake race. Again, another one of our players able to earn from the global rake race. His spoils added up to $195.

Congratulations on the great month!

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