Where to Play Poker

Where to Play Poker in 2016 – U.S. and Global

Play poker online for more than a few months, and you’ll notice how quickly the landscape can change.
I recently switched to playing on Party Poker. And the situation at Party keeps getting better. More on that shortly.

But first: since many of you are based in the U.S., let’s discuss your best option.

U.S. Players: Play Poker at America’s Card Room

In my article, Best Poker Sites for 2016, Bovada was the only U.S. site mentioned.

Upon further research, aspiring poker pros would do better to play at ACR (aka Black Chip Poker).

Here’s why:

  • You can use a HUD on ACR
  • You can play poker on more than 4 tables.
  • You can get a great rakeback deal
  • Only US site to offer $1,000,000 GTD tournaments
  • Payout’s processed within 24 hours

While the games on Bovada are arguably softer, they are also anonymous. This means that you can’t get deep reads on your opponents. And that caps your skill advantage.

If you work harder than than the competition, ACR provides much higher upside potential. Their progressive “Beast” and “Sit & Crush” promos offer higher and higher rewards the more you grind. These programs rival that of PokerStars.

To sign-up, clear your “cookies”, then click here to download the software.

You can also put in the promo code: “mikegano”, to lock in 27% rakeback.

Then let us know.

I Will Help You Win

This applies to both international and U.S. players.

Most affiliate sites focus on marketing and harassment, with little to no personal support.

I believe there is a better way.

My approach:

  1. Pick the best site
  2. Find the best deal
  3. Help you win

What do I mean by helping you win? I’m actively engaged with everyone that has joined my PartyPoker/BWIN rakeback program.

Yesterday I created a 45 minute video for my players that shows them how to optimize the client, how to configure software tools (i.e. PartyCaption), and how to table/seat select specifically on Party/BWIN.

Also, we ran our first private rake race in May. This allows me to take the money I earn and give back to the players through some friendly competition.

Now the plan is to do the same thing for U.S. players.

If you’re interested in either the ACR or PartyPoker deal, send me a message.

And now some news…

ParyPoker is Giving Free Bankrolls in June

Maybe it’s because I’m bringing them some new players, but they keep offering me new deals.

The latest: they will give you $20 for free, if you’ve never deposited before.

There’s no catch. They deposit $20 into your account 24 – 48 hours after your first deposit.

Plus you still get the 100% match up to $500.

Clear the “cookies” in your browser and then click here to sign-up for the deal.
Then let me know, so I can send you my optimal setup video.

A Brave New Way to Play Poker

Think of it as a career path for poker players. You plug-in to our team, and we help you grow.

As you improve and get better, you then may have the opportunity to join our coaching team. All three of our current coaches were at one time my students.

Plus Darius and I just launched a new poker community site. Check it out:

And there’s loads more coming, but I don’t want to give it all away at once. 🙂

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